What You Need to Know About Recruitment in France

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Recruitment in France

Travailler en agence d interim in France is not as straightforward as hiring employees in other countries. Often, decisions are made based on recommendations and networking. To ensure a successful recruitment process, check that candidates have the right soft skills and qualifications. If your company is planning to open a new office in France, consider hiring local recruiters. Here are some tips to get started. Read on to learn more about recruitment in France. We hope that you find this article useful.

Make Your Application More Convincing

Generally, French law forbids employers from asking about a candidate’s criminal record, with the exception of jobs involving children or security guards. While there are exceptions, it is best to avoid asking candidates about their personal information except for the Social Security number. It is not advisable to ask for the candidate’s address if it is not available. Similarly, credit scores do not exist in France. Therefore, candidates should avoid answering questions related to credit scores, political affiliation, or religion.

Hiring employees is not a simple task in France. There are 1.4 million companies in France without employees. Even many successful small businesses fail once they hire employees. Moreover, French labour law requires employers to sign a contract to hire people. In addition, employees enjoy extensive rights and benefits. The French labour code requires employers to pay employees a 13th month’s salary, five weeks of paid annual holiday, and up to 60% of their social security contributions. These costs are reduced to a certain extent if the employees fall into the appropriate category.

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