How a Music Streaming Clone Website Gave Artists New Life

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The evolution of technology and the Internet has given us many great things, but one thing that has truly changed the way we listen and enjoy music is the music streaming websites. Today, if you have a good internet connection and your computer is of the latest model, you can probably find several web-based services that allow you to download music from anyplace you want: your home, your school, your work, even your cell phone. Most people just use their computers for email, but with more people finding their way into the “gadgets and gizmos” that allow them to access online music services, the new ways for listening to music have changed forever. Find Out – bande a part

New Artists and Music Streaming Websites

The basic concept of music streaming websites and services like Napster or Rhapsody was that artists and musicians could let people hear their songs wherever they are. The model worked well, until listeners found it easier to use these websites and services to listen to their favorite music from wherever they were. In order to compete with the other services that let people listen to their songs wherever they were, several websites and services like Pandora and Bandcamp have introduced new features that allow their users to listen to their songs via their smartphones, portable speakers, radio scanners and other hand held devices as well. This allows those who want to listen to their favorite music to do so from almost anywhere they go, which is why there is such a tremendous surge in the number of people who use these kinds of services.

Another reason that the music streaming websites and services of the past had trouble gaining popularity is because most of them used the older CD audio format to deliver their sound files. Although this format has been around for a long time and allowed many individuals to cheaply exchange music with each other, it’s lack of upgrading and modern features is what made it a poor competitor compared to newer competitors like Bandcamp and Rhapsody. Fortunately, though, new technology like smartphones and portable music players have made it possible to enjoy these old classics from just about any computer in the world. Now, artists and fans alike can enjoy their music even more thanks to the modern incarnations of these classic services.


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