How to Use Heat Transfer Paper to Print Designs on Fabric

heat transfer paper

You can make all sorts of things with heat transfer paper, including t-shirts, pillows, and even clothing. This thin sheet of paper is coated with polymer that bonds to fabric when heated. Heat transfer paper works great for printing children’s artwork or designs created using graphics programs. It’s easy to apply designs to almost any fabric type. This process is easy enough to do yourself without any special training or money. All you need is an inkjet printer and suitable heat transfer paper.

This Process Is Easy Enough To Do Yourself

When choosing a heat transfer paper, you should consider the size of your project and the limitations of your printer. Once you’ve chosen the paper, all you need to do is follow the instructions carefully. You’ll need a standard iron, the heat transfer paper, and the item that you plan to print on. If you’re unfamiliar with heat transfer paper, practice on a scrap cloth to see how it works. There are many different heat transfer papers to choose from.

While heat transfer paper can be used on most fabrics, it works best with natural fibers and other materials. Polyester or stretchy fabric won’t work with heat transfer paper. Before using heat transfer paper, wash or iron the fabric first. This will ensure that it will not stretch when fused. Make sure to check the tag on the fabric to see what kind of fibers it contains. Lastly, be sure to follow the instructions for washing and drying.