Tips For Hiring a Reputable Towing Service

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One of the biggest inconveniences when commuting to work or from a destination is needing towing in San Jose. A vehicle breakdown happens when you least expect it, and it is usually too late to get help from friends or family. A towing service in San Jose will be able to arrive within minutes, saving you from being stranded for long. Here are some tips for hiring a reliable company to help you out of a bind.

Here Are A Few Of The Top Companies To Consider

Moovit is a free transit app that can help you navigate your way to F&E Towing in San Jose. With its map-based service, you can find alternative routes and times to F&E Towing with ease. With over 930 million users, Moovit can help you plan your trip to F&E Towing easily. The app lets you choose the fastest route and shows you where the closest stops are.

In San Jose, the city is changing its approach to vehicle towing. The Parking Compliance Unit is working smarter to respond to public complaints. Officers will now prioritize cases based on the condition of the vehicle. Abandoned, non-working vehicles will be investigated more quickly than those parked for a long period of time. Public reports must now include photos. This new system also frees up more police officers to patrol hot spots.

Towing San Jose is an easy process when you know who to call. The company has licensed technicians who are well trained and have years of experience in the city. They are trained and background checked for your peace of mind. The company’s reputation is built on providing quality service. If you need towing in San Jose, look no further than 10-4 Towing. These professionals will be able to solve your car problem in no time.


What Is a Motorcycle Battery?

motorcycle battery

The typical motorbike battery consists of six cells. In a 12-volt system, the plates lie at an angle and the electrolyte is in contact with the plates. In a lead acid battery, the electrolyte is water, and hydrogen and oxygen are created during the chemical reaction. The lead and water molecules combine to form the electrolyte, which in turn powers the motorcycle’s electrical system. The electrolyte is the solution in which the cell ions receive the external energy and carry it back into the battery.

Changing The Battery Can Help Prevent Damage To Your Motorcycle’s Electrical System

The lead-acid motorcycle battery consists of a plastic case that contains six ‘cells’. Each cell contains lead ‘plates’, one for each side of the battery – the negative plate is made of lead, while the positive plate is made of lead-oxide. The lead ‘plates’ are surrounded by a liquid that is known as an electrolyte. If the motorcycle battery is dropped, the liquid will spill out of the battery, causing the motorcycle to lose its charge.

When you replace a motorcycle battery, be sure to use the same electrolyte as your vehicle’s battery. Battery acid is available at auto parts stores, but be sure to wear protective clothing when working with it. You will need to charge the motorcycle battery for at least two hours after the last charge. In the case of lead-acid cells, the minimum voltage value is 2.15V. If the battery isn’t fully charged before commissioning, it will need top charging. The manufacturer of the battery should provide instructions on the amount of time the battery should be charged.